Hi girl,

Woooow … , the lasts months was pretty hard . Since my purpose from Dylan , we didn’t really had the time to breathe. Between our personal blog , all our fashion project, my shooting and my work , and few other secrets that I can’t share for now … I must say that we don’t realized that we are officially an engaged couple and we will get married really soon .

So when Moët and Chandon , one of the most prestigious champagne brand get in touch with us few weeks ago and purpose to us a day off in a luxurious yacht . It was the occasion of finally being together , and just rest a little bit from all the stress of our crazy life. Romantic ambiance , sun , sea and of course a lot of champagne this is how Dylan and I spend this day far from our hard routine.

I especially want to thanx Moet and Chandon , and all the team in Tel Aviv , Maayan , Cindy and Lea for giving us the opportunity , our amazing photographer Tatyana Fermon and his nice assistant and Podison Party for the luxurious yacht.

For all my readers, if u need to pass a great time like us, share a great moment with your friends or for bachelorette party, u can book:

@PosidonParty – 0503355537 In Ashdod Port 

I’m wearing @Dylanparienty Swimsuit Dress

Sunglasses by @Tosee.co.il 

Louboutin Shoes







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