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Dylan Paris said about the Gindi Tlv fashion week:

This week I had the chance to spend my time, at one of the most important fashion event of the Israeli industry, the Gindi Fashion Week. Yes, there is a Fashion Week here in Tel Aviv and a lot of talented designers. The Fashion Industry here in Israel is growing day by day and I am so happy to see this small country making so huge things each year.

Saying the true, I wait a little bit before I started to write my post about the Tel-Aviv fashion week, I wanted to see what the Israeli press has to say about the event. And I get so disappointed about some posts that I’ve read during the last days.
Firstly It’s important to say as a Blogger I am more than open to critics and I think that real critics can build and let you evolve and this is one of the first things I learned while studying in Shenkar.

Okey, I must agree Tel Aviv is not Paris or Milan, and everything was not perfect, ?? So What .?
I am so disappointed that the Israeli press is just talking about the Gindi placement and the interest of Gindi and not about the fact there is a real Fashion Industry here… an amazing one.
During the week we had the chance to discover how much-talented designers the country has to introduce to the world. During this week we discovered that our industry has a real fashion producer, I believe one of the best in the world Motty Reif that direct all that stuff during all week and made it so so professionally, This guy is ready to everything to make discovered our local talents to the world. But we also have really professional press agencies sometimes even more professional that Internationals one, they succeed to bring more than 100 International medias from all over the world to the event and it’s amazing. Our Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists that working for International big names such as Mac and Loreal that take part in the event. But also our amazing Models Agencies that discovering amazing talents each day, that working today all over the world for the biggest fashion weeks, yes all the Israelis models that I have the chance to meet each time all over the world, it’s such a pride for me!
Our Fashion Industry in Tel Aviv is strong, our Fashion Industry succeed to get by without any help from the state or the help of committee such as “La Federation Francaise de la couture”.

As a future fashion designer that studying in one of the most impressive Fashion School of the World here in Tel Aviv. I am so happy to have the chance to be a part of an industry that never big up for her talents and I am thinking that is the most important things that I am taking with me from this Fashion Week.

I basically opened this blog six years ago and I didn’t know exactly why I just wanted to be a part of the Fashion world and to learn. Today this platform is a bit more than just a fashion blog is my showcase , a part of my life that I am sharing with you every day and I believe that it’s important for me not to just talking about how the shows was amazing but also about what I am really thinking of all what going on around that.

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